Temple Services

  • Regular Archana
  • Archana with Fruits (Devotee who has to bring)
  • Ashdothiranama Archanai(108)eighterV
  • Sahasranama Archanai(1008)
  • Vahana(Vehicle)Archana
  • Siraartha Archanai(Morsham)
  • Annual Siraatha
  • First Year Siraartha
  • Feeding Rice for baby
  • Beginning of Education(For Child)
  • Blessing of Pictures/Rings/Keys etc
  • Vadai Malai Pooja(Hanumanji/Biravar
  • Vadai Malai with Abisegam(Hanumanji/Biravar)
  • New Home Arrival Ceremony
  • Santhanakkapu
  • Kunkuma Archana
  • Kunkuma (included Padikkadu abshekam)
  • Uruthira Abishekam
  • Special Lunch Pooja
  • Milk Abishekam
  • Fruit Abishekam
  • Padikkadu Abishekam
  • Lamp(with lemon)
  • Lamp(with Gee )
  • Lamp for Saturn
  • Gee Abishekam
  • 1.DonationAmount for each service please contact temple phone
  • 2.Transportation: Services performed at sites away from the temple will incur additional transportation cost at $.0.50 per kilometer to offset cost of transportation. This will be waived if transportation is provided by devotees.
Problem/Purpose Name of Homam Temple Home
Hindrance Ganapathy Homam Yes Yes
Astrological Problem/to get rid of marriage obstacles Navagraha Homam Yes Yes
Health Mrithyumjaya Homam Yes Yes
Avoiding Evil Spirit/To get promotion and better Job,Welfare Sudharsana Homam Yes Yes
Torments of illness Mrithyumjaya Homam Yes Yes
Graha Pravesam Included(Ganesh/luxmi/navagraka) N/A Yes
Facing Financial Problems and wishes to earn wealth Sri Kubera Lakshmi Homam Yes Yes
Health Mrithyumjaya Homam Yes no
To get wealth Ganesh, Mahalakshmi/SwarnaluxmiHomam Yes Yes
Preggnency and Safe delivery Santhanagopala Homam Yes no
For long life AurVirithi/Ayush Homam Yes Yes
Satyanarayanapooja SatyanarayanaPooja no Yes
Chandi Chandi Homam Yes no
Hiranya Shradda Homam Shraddam Yes Yes
See mantha Homam Shraddam Yes Yes

Any concern/question please ask to priest or Temple management.
Thank you for your Co-operation